2017 – the Year of the Cloud

2017 will be the year of the cloud. And there’s no doubt this has something to do with Dynamics 365, the combined CRM and ERP service from Microsoft.

Everything in the cloud

While many businesses are still hesitant about moving key business software such as CRM and ERP to the cloud, Dynamics 365 now provides enough confidence to migrate even critical level systems to the cloud. Dynamics 365 fits right in with a cloud environment.

If you’re investing in an ERP or CRM project, you no longer need to worry about a lengthy migration process. Dynamics 365 gives you all the benefits of the cloud, so you can take advantage of the latest features and technologies that the platform offers every time. This means you can respond more quickly and flexibly to new requirements and support your business processes better at the same time.

Gradual migration

Of course, you do have the option of migrating gradually to the cloud. Simply choose a hybrid solution allowing you to retain certain processes on the premises. This can be an attractive proposition if your processes generate a lot of traffic, such as warehouse scanning. You can also continue to work temporarily with Dynamics AX as an ERP system, but migrate all other processes to Dynamics 365. Ad Ultima Group can advise you on the best way to approach this.

A brand new go-live with a 3-year-old system?

That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend implementing a flexible IT environment today. Having that flexibility in your organisation is a simple yet vital way to stay ahead of the competition. By working with Dynamics 365, you are opting for cutting-edge technology, with the platform constantly being updated and optimised by Microsoft. And on top of the benefits of the cloud, you won’t incur the large hardware costs of running state-of-the-art technology. So your organisation doesn’t need to waste time and resources every five years, instead you can simply evolve along with the technology.

Up to 40% faster time-to-market

With Ad Ultima Group, you can consult us for strategic advice based on best practices in sectors that we know inside and out. We also support customers in integrating Dynamics 365 with other software, such as document management, PLM (product lifecycle management) and CAD.

We strive to reduce your time-to-market by 30 to 40%. By going digital for all your product processes – from concept to customer service – you can tailor products and services to your customers’ needs. For a customised approach to customer service, start automating your management and production processes as much as possible.