Microsoft Teams 6 months free of charge: more info about this popular offer

With the outrage of the coronavirus many companies choose to enable remote work for their employees. In order to keep the collaboration and productivity on the same level, Microsoft offers six months free access to Microsoft Teams. This application enables virtual meetings and conversations. Our in-house expert Klaas Lauwers explains the offer below.

Communication in times of corona

Companies have to rearrange their business due to Covid-19. The workplace of many people has moved to their own living room or private desk at home. For some of us this means a huge adaption and employers are looking for ways to set up remote meetings and contact moments. To ensure that communication during the corona crisis runs as smoothly as possible, Microsoft offers an Office 365 E1 license, including Microsoft Teams, for 6 months free of charge.

Teams: the virtual workplace

Microsoft Teams is an application which makes it possible to virtually meet, communicate with colleagues and to share files with one another online. Because Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 package, you can adjust and synchronize shared files in the application. This way you always have the last, most up-to-date version of your file in the (group) conversation. Besides setting up meetings and collaborating with each other, you can also create channels in Microsoft Teams. You can for example make a channel for each department where all important information is being kept.

With Microsoft Teams you can collaborate virtually within your Microsoft ecosystem

Who’s eligible?

The benefits of an application like Microsoft Teams in the conditions we are in now, are clear. To help as many people as possible and to reduce costs, Microsoft gives companies a free Office 365 E1 license for a period of 6 months. What exactly does this mean? If you already have a license for Office 365 tpye E1, E3, E5 or if you had a test version of the package before, you already have the license. There is another provision for governments or educational institutions. They can use the G1 trial license or the free A1 license respectively. In short, this mainly makes a difference for companies that do not yet have an Office 365 license, or have a license other than the above (Business, ProPlus, …). In that case you can use this trial version.

The difference between E1 and E3 licenses

Companies that have a trial version use the E1 package of Office 365. This includes the Microsoft Office Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook,…), Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and a degree of security. Please note, the Microsoft Office Apps can only be consulted online. To be able to install them on your desktop, you need at least an E3 license. Furthermore, the OneDrive for Business personal storage capacity is 1 terabyte. This is a lot for some companies, but when you have a lot of technical CAD drawings it can quickly add up. In this case it can also be cheaper to switch to an E3 license.

Microsoft Teams after 6 months trial

Companies that have completed the trial version of E1 Office 365 will receive a notification after 6 months saying their free version will expire. After that, you have the option to either close it or buy a subscription for the Office 365 package that suits you best and meets your needs. Your user data will not be deleted after the trial and you will still remain active in Azure AD. When a new license is granted, everything goes as before and the historical data will not be lost.

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