Ad Ultima Group partners up with Aachen University

Kortrijk-based Ad Ultima Group recently entered into a partnership with RWTH Aachen University. The institution’s vast site is the location of the European 4.0 Transformation Center – a hub of continuous innovation in digital business transformation. As part of this German-Belgian partnership, Ad Ultima Group is seeking to cement its role as a pioneer in Industry 4.0.

The Aachen University spin-off is using state-of-the-art technology to develop and manufacture an affordable electric car in the most efficient way possible.

“Within the past two years, we have started a production line that will soon allow us to manufacture electric cars. With this e.GO project, we are combining fun, ease of use and affordability into a single electric car model,” said CIO Rupert Deger.

New technology is used in other fields, including after-sales, finance and CRM, to make things as quick and efficient as possible.

According to CEO Filip Bossuyt, “Ad Ultima Group plays a vital role in each of these areas. The university derives a great deal of value from our end-to-end expertise and experience in the sector. For our part, it’s also a huge source of inspiration for the future and it makes Industry 4.0. more of a reality. This way we can work together with our clients and see how we can serve them even better in the short and long term.”

Carl Dieryckx

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