These 5 updates will make Microsoft Teams even more interesting

The popularity of corporate chat applications has grown immensely in recent years. Replacing Skype for Business with Teams was Microsoft’s response. Microsoft Teams allows companies to communicate and collaborate much more efficiently.

Last week, Microsoft presented many new products and updates during their annual Microsoft Ignite event. Teams is also one of the lucky ones and will receive some updates to streamline data and communication. We have listed the most interesting news for you below.

1. Renewed integration between Teams and Outlook

Starting next year, you will be able to send conversations in Teams in Outlook and vice versa. This way you will be able to refer more easily to a conversation and transfer it to another application. It will not yet be possible to provide synchronisation between the two when you reply to an email from Outlook in Teams or vice versa.

2. Managing assignments

Furthermore, in 2020 you will see a new panel on ‘tasks’. Here you will find all the tasks assigned to you as well as all tasks assigned to a particular team. These tasks will be synchronised with Outlook, Microsoft To Do, Teams Channels and Planner. You can personalise this new panel according to your needs in lists, calendars, charts, etc.

3. Virtual meetings with external parties

A new feature in Teams will soon make it possible to communicate with external partners via the platform. For example, you can easily conduct job interviews and interviews with customers without both parties having to be physically present. You will also be able to schedule conversations in advance.

4. Security of Teams

A new application catalogue will ensure that IT administrators can securely enable applications from Microsoft Teams’ management centre. This catalogue allows administrators to see information about name, description, policy details, etc. Furthermore, they can also assign various policy packages to the users. This means that IT administrators only have the functions they need. There is currently already a policy package ready for education, but there are more to come! IT administrators will also be able to manage the various devices more effectively. This will allow them to monitor, diagnose and restart the devices. In addition, Teams will block URL links if they do not appear to be safe.

5. Adding insights and custom applications

If you create your own application using Power Apps, you will soon be able to publish this app as a Teams app. This will make it easier for you to use the app in your Teams environment. You will also be able to pin them so that they can be easily accessed whenever you need them. Furthermore, you will be able to store notes in OneNote via Teams as well as forward data via Power BI.

You can find additional information about all Teams updates here.