These aspects will shape the customer experience in 2020

Customers expect companies to answer their questions as quickly as possible and respond to their needs and wishes as well as possible. This will remain important in 2020, so you can use automation and data to enhance the customer experience. Below you will find four aspects that companies can look out for in 2020 if they want to deliver a great customer experience.

1. Automation ensures customer satisfaction

Customers’ expectations of companies and their products keep on increasing. They want to personalise their product and expect an ever shorter delivery time. In order to meet this wish, companies can work with a configurator. By linking these to your web store, customers can easily create their own product. As the configurator is also linked to the ERP system, the entire process is automated. You keep your customer satisfied by offering a personalised product and a short production time.

New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can also automate processes. For example, there are chatbots for websites that answer potential customers’ questions. The time you normally provide to answer customer questions can then be used for more important purposes, such as a quality customer experience. Solutions like PowerApps make the chatbot story possible.

2. Form a strong brand story and stand out

An important aspect in your company’s digitalisation and therefore the online offering of your products, is the design and communication around your brand. As products are offered less in physical stores, a strong brand becomes even more important. This is related to the brand story. Brands will evolve into partners of the customer, with a strong personality and opinion. That’s the only way your brand won’t disappear into the sea of competition. Your company will also have to behave more like a service – a service that helps people and gives advice.

3. Handle data with care and transparency

Trust and transparency must also be present in your company. Certainly with the emerging role of data, it is becoming more important to handle this data correctly. The way in which you deal with customer or visitor data now will determine their digital behaviour in the future. Handle data confidentially and remain transparent. Tell your customers what you plan to do with the data and only use it for that purpose.

4. All data on one platform

This data must, of course, be accessible in an efficient way. Not just this data, but all the data in your company. Stock information, chatbot information and after-sales information, everything is tracked on one platform. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 enters the stage. This platform is in touch with all processes throughout the company and makes them as efficient as possible. This way it can ensure a faster follow-up with the customer.

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