Dewulf works better with Ex Arte integration

The company wanted to digitise its invoicing, but it quickly became apparent that it made more sense to include all documents straight away. Dewulf receives an average of 12,000 orders every year.

This means at least one purchase order, one packing slip and one invoice per order. So there’s a whole pile of paperwork, which was mainly processed by hand in the past. Janpieter Masselus: ‘It eventually became quite a challenge to process all the documents efficiently, securely and reliably. We wanted to have more control and there was definitely room for improvement.’

We recommended Ex Arte document management software to Dewulf, and then implemented it. This software provides an electronic archive for all incoming documents. The reception no longer has to process documents by hand, no paperwork goes missing and all employees can easily consult the central, digital archive at all times using the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. So everything runs more smoothly and efficiently. A big step forwards compared to a paper archive.

As well as archiving, Ex Arte also reads the information on the documents. The software recognises the most important details – because they’re often in the same place – and stores them digitally. Think for example of a customer reference, order or invoice number. Thanks to so-called workflows, the information is automatically checked, approved and linked or compared with other documents.

“It’s very useful when I want to look up an order form that I can also see straight away what’s actually been delivered – on the packing slip – and what’s on the invoice, because Ex Arte recognises the links between the documents and displays the relevant details,” says Janpieter Masselus.

The quality of the information at Dewulf is much more reliable now too thanks to Ex Arte, because human errors are kept to a minimum. Dewulf also has many more possibilities for analyses and all sorts of searches. For example, the manufacturer can look up the quantities purchased for certain items, and compare this with previous years. This was an almost hopeless task with the paper archive.

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Dewulf is a family business from Roeselare in Belgium, established in 1946, which manufactures harvesting machines. The company has 160 employees, an annual turnover of €45m, and is active worldwide. In 2014 Dewulf has taken over the Dutch company Miedema, which strengthened the manufacturer’s competitive position.


Dewulf had to process its purchase orders, packing slips and invoices more efficiently, securely and reliably. All these documents were therefore centralised in a digital database and linked together, so it’s immediately clear which invoice belongs to which packing slip, for example. Dewulf employees can now look up all documents in digital form very easily. The company has more control and a better grip of its workflow processes.


Ad Ultima Group installed the Ex Arte document management system for Dewulf. This software ensures that all purchase orders, packing slips and invoices are stored centrally in a digital archive. Dewulf can look up these documents which are fully integrated in its Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. Ex Arte is also used for the internal quality assurance of delivered goods.


  • Purchase orders, packing slips and invoices are available in digital form, which makes them more accessible and creates more analysis and search possibilities
  • Invoices are automatically sent to the right people so they can be digitally approved by the purchasing department and registered by the accounting department faster
  • The quality control of products in the warehouse is also taken care of via a digital workflow
  • Better structured procurement process
  • Human errors minimised
  • Monthly reports are completed in the same month
  • The management team has faster access to sales figures and so can make necessary adjustments more quickly
  • Lower cost of administration