Are you looking for a reliable, honest partner who is committed to helping your company move forward in the long term? At Ad Ultima Group, we provide honest advice and follow up on our projects in the long term, so that your company is ready for the future. By passing on our experience to the next generation of consultants, you can count on them to become reliable partners.

Long-term relationship with Ad Ultima Group

At Ad Ultima Group, we want to build long-term relationships with our customers. You will receive the necessary answers to your questions and can count on follow-up after implementation. We help prevent customers getting headaches. Our customer base is currently above 300, with the longest relationship of no less than 15 years.

Honest advice on implementations

We also give honest advice every time. If a plan seems too ambitious, we will give you that feedback. By means of a ‘Quick Scan’ we look at your processes and needs. Based on this data, we assess whether we are the right partner and whether the implementation is feasible. The success of your company is the most important thing for us. That is why we are working together to see how we can improve your business. Long-term reliability is in our DNA, it reflects who we are as an implementation partner.

Your organisation of the future

Together with you we want to build your organisation of the future. Which new technologies are changing the market that you operate in? What are the areas for improvement? We co-create an organisation that is in line with the digital revolution. Even after the implementation, you can count on us to follow up on your business. We strive for a partnership that ensures that your strategy is completely up to date with the right processes and related technology.

Our juniors build along with us

Every year, new colleagues join our company. You can count on our junior consultants to have solid and appropriate training. Through our Kick-Start Academy, among other things, we teach newly graduated consultants all the tricks of the trade. We pass on knowledge and turn new employees into reliable partners.