Streamline, expand and optimise

Most companies have already automated their operations in the sectors where we are active, so our focus has shifted towards finding the most profitable improvements.

We can help you streamline your business processes. After an initial analysis you will be presented with proposals within the agreed budget. Software like Microsoft Dynamics AX and PTC Windchill can grow effortlessly together with your organisation. You can determine for yourself what functions to activate as and when you need them. We can also help you expand or optimise services such as business intelligence and document management.

Discovering possibilities for improvement

We will of course be happy to improve the operation of your development and engineering departments. If you want even more, however, we can also evaluate the underlying business processes together with you. This will help us discover where we can add value to your company.

We use structured questionnaires, a series of interviews, and a thorough investigation of your IT systems to match your product development process with your company’s general objectives. We determine where improvements can be made and discover which processes are not yet providing the desired results.

Product Development Process Assessment

The introduction of new products and product improvements are important for the success of any organisation. We can work together and use a Product Development Process Assessment (PDPA) to find the most efficient processes for turning ideas for products into reality. We will minimise the total costs and development time while at the same time removing bottlenecks from your existing procedures.