Only if it’s profitable

With every new software version, we evaluate whether or not you would benefit from migrating to it. Migrations always have an impact on your operation, so you should only do it if there are obvious benefits.
Possible reasons for migrating include:

  • replacing existing customisation with the new possibilities included in the standard software
  • using relevant new functions in the standard software, such as for example business intelligence or role centres (different start screens and dashboards depending on your role within the organisation)
  • updating the technical side of your systems

Technical migration

For a technical migration, we install a new version of the basic software. Your business processes don’t change and neither does any customisation to your application. This migration only requires a small effort on behalf of the users.

Business migration

In this case we look at your application’s business processes and customisation, to compare them with new best practices and standards, and the new software’s possibilities. The extra investment in a business migration must be compensated by lower management costs and an improvement to your operation.