Strategic ICT infrastructure choices

Your IT network is crucial for fast and reliable information sharing in your company. Downtime or even low levels of performance can be very expensive.

Does your network still meet expectations? Is it ready for future challenges that lie in wait? A network audit will fully chart your network infrastructure and provide an objective overview for our specialists to assess, so that any issues can be analysed and investigated.

Work in the cloud

Office 365 combines all the major Office applications with good quality, cloud-based functions for email, calendars, instant messaging, web conferencing and shared documents.

Your employees can improve efficiency and productivity with collaborative software, and your IT department uses a single management console to manage the ICT platform from almost any location, and check the service status with a user-friendly management tool. Furthermore, its good operation is safeguarded by powerful security features for disaster recovery, redundant back-ups and extensive privacy protection against spam and viruses.

Professional support

You can contact us easily and will be promptly assisted over the phone, via screen sharing, or on site. You can also track requests and issues on our portal. Our support team is comprised of permanent employees who know your situation well, so we can offer good solutions to your problems quickly.

Minimise network downtime and improve performance

Ad Ultima Group uses real-time monitoring systems to check a range of aspects on your network and generate alerts when a situation fails to meet desired quality requirements. Our employees monitor all alerts and often take action on your network before you’ve even discovered the issue.