How do you tackle these challenges?

Efficient project management within a company and between project partners is becoming ever-more important in the construction process. Many firms in the sector need to stand out from the competition by being faster, better, more flexible and offering better value.

To secure your margins, you can set up internal procedures to make your working environment more efficient and you can automate your processes:

  • Relationship management between the client, architect, subcontractors and employees on sites
  • Easy to use calculation options with libraries (operations and activities) and formulas as a basis for your construction projects
  • Swift generation of quotations to respond to bills of quantities received in full detail, including a list of prices and staff and materials planning
  • Tracking for each project, including all costs, income and variations in the work on site
  • Real-time monitoring of the materials, equipment and workforce required and available, with visual support provided by a project planning board with a drag-and-drop feature
  • Recording of materials used and hours worked using various options such as apps
  • Drafting and managing subcontracting agreements, including tracking of subcontractor tenders, with integrated notice of receipt
  • Invoicing according to the status of accounts receivable, in instalments or by hourly fee with advance invoices if desired
  • Management of preventative maintenance of equipment such as cranes and vehicles, including usage and management of spare parts; integration with write-offs for a full financial report
  • Control mechanisms to comply with all regulations, such as social legislation and tax obligations
  • Real-time subsequent calculation allows potential deviations in various forms to be detected in good time: WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure)
  • Fully integrated knowledge management and document management

Thanks to automation, you can increase your profitability, exercise greater control over your costs, maintain your customer relationships better and make more informed decisions. You’re always up to speed with the most critical business processes, such as quotations, project monitoring, planning and your financial status.