How do you tackle these challenges?

With logistics projects, orders and tasks, you can ensure planning is covered and you can track your delivery and collection orders. As a logistics service provider – like disposal and recycling – you use collection tasks to organise return flows (reverse logistics) of products that have already been sold. Distribution and removal tasks can be planned separately. By linking various logistics tasks, you can optimise transportation.

Our modular 2wayLogistics application ensures everything is implemented gradually. 2wayLogistics helps you to track the commercial, logistical and financial aspects of your processes, with features such as:

  • A complete system for forward and reverse logistics management
  • Software that can be easily adapted to your organisation’s needs
  • A user-friendly system with a familiar Microsoft interface
  • A layout that end users can personalise
  • Low TCO thanks to integration with other Microsoft technologies
  • Also suitable for sister companies and subsidiaries
  • Commercial management with quotation, tariff and contract management
  • Collection logistics such as staff and resource planning, transport document management, etc.
  • External reporting to bodies such as OVAM, OWD and BIM (Belgium) and LMA (Netherlands)
  • Commercial reporting to organisations such as VAL-I-PAC and Fost-Plus
  • Invoicing
  • Integration with industrial systems, such as on-board computers, weighing systems and time recording
  • Waste and transportation reporting
  • Contracts and invoicing for intercompany logistics
  • Cost estimation and subsequent calculation