With Raptor, we focus on smart document management. Raptor consolidates documents that live inside a PLM, ERP, CRM or any other system. These documents become available to everyone in your organization that needs them in their business process.

Our in-house developed solution:

  • Combines multiple sources
  • Manages complex relations
  • Searches across dimensions and locations
  • Adds the correct security (context related)

What is a document warehouse?

To explain this easily, we make a comparison with your own warehouse.

Would you:

  • Store goods when you are the only one knowing the location?
  • Change locations of those goods without notice?
  • Order more of the same goods because you didn’t know it’s already in the warehouse?
  • Store things with organization-wide importance where only you can access it?

No. You wouldn’t allow this because this means a waste of time and thus money. But these things happen with documents all the time.

As an organization you have multiple “system of record” applications in which you work and create or store documents. A document warehouse is an environment where all these documents are stored and are given the correct context.

In a modern organization, you cannot accept the time lost searching for different types of documents in different locations. A document warehouse solution solves that problem for you thanks to the context given to these documents.

Context thanks to meta data

Our document warehouse solution gives context to your documents by making use of extra semantic information called “meta data”. This makes it possible to group documents from different applications which eliminates the time searching for them.

Examples of meta data:

  • Type of document
  • Customer name
  • Project number
  • Part number
  • Security roles

Examples of consolidation:

  • Documents related to a customer
  • Documents related to a project
  • Documents related to an invoice
  • (And all kinds of combinations between these)