Having to deal with mountains of paperwork in the course of your administration is a sure way to lose time, do things inefficiently, risk making mistakes and generate multiple versions of a single document. Ex Arte document management software brings all of your incoming documents together, processing them automatically, launching workflows for them and archiving them electronically. This makes your business palpably more productive and enhances the quality of your company information. Ex Arte can be integrated perfectly and quickly with Microsoft Dynamics AX and other Microsoft software.

Ex Arte combines template design, document creation, distribution and archiving with rapid access to your files. No software integration is required and, what’s more, maintenance costs are lower, backing up is made easier and updates to your Microsoft Dynamics environment are quicker.

Input management – all of your documents in the right place, right away

Proper document management begins at the source: incoming documents. The Ex Arte solution brings all of your crucial documents together. From that single location, they are automatically linked to the appropriate entities of your Microsoft Dynamics software. No longer will you have to hunt for files or sheets of paper. Everything is just a click away.

Document handling – automate your document processing

With Ex Arte, you can process invoices and all of your other documents electronically. The software recognises the essential information within documents, so it can be imported directly into your Microsoft Dynamics system. That’s where the automatic processes kick in, whereby information is checked, approved and linked or compared with previous documents. This saves time and money, while helping you to work more accurately.

Process control – work quickly and paper-free

With Ex Arte, not only do you go digital with your documents, but your document flows run automatically too. Most documents specifically contain information intended for others within the company. The transfer procedure is incorporated into a digital workflow, allowing you to work faster and without paper. This means a quicker overall process and information will no longer go missing.

Output management – your files any place, any time

The output manager is also built in and starts by designing attractive templates, with the option of keeping in line with internal visual guidelines. You can generate specific documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, activity reports, parts lists, receipts, labels, contracts, delivery notes and shipping documents) and share them by print-out, fax or email. The original version of each document produced can be archived in a central location and searched for in Microsoft Dynamics.