Prefer to work with versatile and efficient software for an attractive price using a trusted environment? That’s why we provide products by Microsoft. Renowned software such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Office 365 enhance the productivity of your company. What’s more, you can benefit from the user-friendliness that you would expect from Microsoft. So you can get up and running quickly and without any great extra costs.

Microsoft has been the world’s largest producer of software for many years. Attractive consumer products such as SkyDrive for Windows and business-critical software like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft BizTalk, which are all affordable, versatile and easy to use, have made this possible.


All Microsoft software packages form part of a larger whole: the ‘Microsoft Stack’. These are products that are designed to work with each other:

  • ERP business software: Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • CRM business software: Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Data centralisation: Microsoft SQL database
  • Reporting and analysis: Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Application integration: Microsoft BizTalk
  • E-mail: Microsoft Exchange
  • Office software: Microsoft Office
  • Online collaboration: Microsoft SharePoint

Reduce costs

You can reduce costs through standardisation and by replacing older systems. This will result in less customisation and fewer systems that need maintaining, so you can do more with the resources you have available. You will spend less money on training and support because your employees are already familiar with the technology they are using.

And managing your applications is easier and more economical too, because you have a single management environment for all your laptops, servers and mobile devices. The Microsoft Stack means you always have the foundation you need in house to be able to modernise further. You can simply add new applications as you need them.