With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we’ll help you on your way to making strategic decisions easier so you can achieve the results you want. The ERP system is integrated with other Microsoft products and enables you to manage your business data and relations in one place. Together, we will look at what software functions are best for you and evolve along with you as your needs change.

The most user-friendly software

Microsoft Dynamics AX business software helps you automate your processes, integrate your business data and improve your customer relationship management. It is powerful and flexible software which helps you work more efficiently, make better decisions and improve your results.

Microsoft Dynamics AX works in the same way as other Microsoft products, such as Office and Windows, and can also be integrated with them. This makes it easier to link all your computer systems together, giving all your users access to all the important company data via a single software package. Microsoft Dynamics AX is:

  • suitable for companies of all sizes
  • ideal for organisations with multiple branches
  • user-friendly thanks to its familiar Microsoft interface
  • perfect for integration with all your other computer applications

Customised automation

You can adapt Microsoft Dynamics AX to satisfy your organisation’s specific requirements by deciding for yourself what functions you need. You can easily add or modify functions if your requirements change, for example as your organisation grows or to keep up with new developments in your sector. Possibilities include:

  • Purchase management
  • Conformity with national legislation and regulations
  • Debtor and creditor management
  • After sales service
  • Employee self-service, e.g. expenses and holidays
  • Financial and administrative management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Personnel policy
  • Production
  • Project management
  • Reporting (Business Intelligence)
  • Risk management
  • Sales and promotion
  • Supply chain management (SCM)