Collaboration within the Microsoft stack of course implies SharePoint.

If you already have experience using Microsoft SharePoint, you will surely agree that SharePoint is a very powerful platform, but it is not the most obvious path towards achieving successful implementation quickly. Classic SharePoint projects are heavily customised, which is a long and time-consuming process.

At Ad Ultima Group, we have analysed and pooled our experience on various projects with a view to offering a solution that only requires your finishing touch.

This has spawned our UltiPoint solution, or if you prefer: ‘SharePoint ready-to-use’.

The key characteristics that UltiPoint features include:

  • Manageable
    We keep SharePoint clear-cut and manageable in terms of the product, its capabilities, dos and don’ts, lead time and budget.
  • Evolutionary
    UltiPoint allows you to start small, gain some quick wins as soon as possible and control your growth.
  • Truly user-friendly
    It’s so intuitive that only minimum training is required before using it becomes second nature.
  • Best Practice
    We are constantly pooling our experience so your training costs are reduced.
  • Ready to use
    We ensure start-up time is kept down to a minimum. We make things more straightforward for users, whilst lowering the investment risk.