Industry 4.0, Smart Industry and the Industrial Internet of Things. We are at the forefront of a new industrial revolution where technology, big data and maximum connectivity are the new catalysts for innovation and flexibility. How do you organise your data analysis and structure your data storage and security? How do you use the power of the internet, mobile communications and augmented reality to support product development and new revenue models?

Think differently, work differently

One thing is certain: the Industrial Internet of Things is radically changing the way we think and work in the industrial environment. By connecting all machines, equipment and systems in the design, development and production chain with each other and allowing them to communicate with each other, a new dimension is created. The world is becoming smarter and so too is industry. PTC provides a powerful platform for this: ThingWorx.

ThingWorx ensures maximum connectivity as an IoT platform and uses innovative processes at lightning speed. ThingWorx also forms the basis for:

  • Optimised service, online support and customer experience.
  • Rapid recognition and implementation of new revenue models.
  • Optimisation of production processes based on real-time data and self-learning robots.
  • Powerful innovations in the form of rapid product and service differentiation.