With Windchill, PTC provides industry with a complete arsenal of product lifecycle management (PLM) perspectives. This software only sets limits on sharing data if you want to. Everyone is connected to the same single source for product and process information. Windchill boosts interaction, inspires stakeholders and guarantees accessibility and data security. Windchill can be applied as a smart end-to-end platform within your own IT systems or in the cloud. Thanks to this PLM platform, your organisation is ready for the Industrial Internet of Things.

BOM management

BOM (bill of material) management provides a complete overview of the costs, quality and planning aspects of all components and processes that are crucial to the different phases of the lifecycle of your products.

Configuration and change management

The smallest change within your organisation can have a large impact on the market performance of your products. The better you can predict the impact, the better you can control and manage the consequences. Windchill makes everything visible and lets you respond quickly to market dynamics.

The opportunities and qualities of PTC Windchill

Requirements management

Your customers want to be certain that your products and services meet the industrial standards for safety and cybersecurity. PTC Windchill registers, monitors and documents all specific customer requirements and ensures that your engineers have the latest data available to help them make the right choices.


Is your reputation for quality important to you? Do you want to protect all stages of the development and production process under all circumstances? Windchill links the data from your quality management system to the latest product information so you retain maximum control on quality, costs and customer value.

Platform design

Are your customers increasingly asking for specific product configurations? And does it cost you a lot of time and money to keep reinventing the wheel? Windchill is the solution for strategic platform design. This new development method allows you to quickly and efficiently create and implement product variations that meet the changing specifications of your customers.

Product data management

Windchill provides a variety of functional product data management solutions modelled on the current complexity of innovative industrial processes in which 3D CAD plays a vital role. Every sketch and every model are saved securely and systematically, and are quick and easy to find. With just one click, you display all versions and modifications.

Integration and standards

PTC Windchill provides an optimally secured yet open architecture, ideally incorporating internationally recognised industrial and technological standards.
Is your PLM solution ready for this new world? PTC Windchill 11 is secure and stable!

PTC Windchill 11: Intelligently connected PLM software

Discover how PTC Windchill 11 is the first PLM software to provide innovative new technology for the development of intelligent and connected products.