Full control of sales and promotion

CRM is more than sales, marketing and customer service. The software helps you reduce costs and increase profits by organising and automating your marketing, prospecting, sales and after sales processes.

Customer Relationship Management enables you to manage these processes faster and more efficiently. Your organisation can work in a more stable way and enjoy a higher level of customer loyalty. More satisfied customers leads to more repeat sales, extra cross-selling opportunities, fewer complaints, and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Integration with social media

In order to achieve this, we chart your entire sales process and integrate it in your software. Depending on your situation and requirements, this can either be in your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX software or in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example if you want to use your software remotely.

We also offer tools for integrating data with social media. Whether it’s through a social network or on a mobile device, CRM is the central link in your organisation for managing all your client relationships.

Overall picture of your client

You receive a customised approach for automating your sales processes, including your marketing communication and after sales services, as practically as possible. We always use your client as the starting point: What is a client? How do we actively approach them? How can we support them better? What else do they want from us?