Fast insights into your business

Business intelligence provides a simple way to gain insights into your business processes. Information from various sources is made available to you in single, convenient overview. Business intelligence links all the information channels together, so you can interpret your processes better and work with them more easily, with more in-depth analysis.
You can include business intelligence in your ERP software quickly and easily. Amongst other things, it provides:

  • automatically generated reports from various information sources
  • reliable insights into causes and factors for success, or weaker results.
  • better decisions based on reliable information and insights
  • ability to deal with changing market conditions and competitors more quickly
  • improved efficiency and time gained through not drawing up reports manually
  • much faster distribution of your results so the right people are informed in good time

Pragmatic approach

Our approach to business intelligence focuses fully on what you and your employees need. We start with data integration and visualisation before automating the reporting and collaboration processes in phases. We let business intelligence grow organically in a controlled way.

  • Together, we determine who the information users are within your organisation, and what information they need to do their work better
  • We also ensure they can work with the tools they are most comfortable with
  • We only include data that provides essential insights
  • We put together different reports, tables, analyses, dashboards and scorecards for different types of users

Self-service BI

More and more clients are opting for self-service. Managers, business units and users can draw up their own reports, which are variants of existing reports with different structures or designs. They can also be completely new reports that are put together with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our software and advisors support this development.