Interconnectivity can no longer be ignored within the industry. IIoT technology is therefore becoming increasingly accessible. With industrial IoT applications, companies create new efficiency gains and successfully search for competitive advantages. The Internet of Things in an industrial environment that connects machines, processes and people in the workplace.

Connecting machines, processes and people

An important element is the role of IIoT in a continuous improvement process. Technology as an independent element will never provide the added value that people are looking for. Thanks to industrial IoT, data can be read and then collected and analyzed. Based on that data, people and machines are used more efficiently.

Thinking of new and innovative processes is therefore necessary in order – starting from the strategy of a company – to get added value from IoT functionality.

Smart connected operations

Different emphases are placed in industrial IoT:

  • Connecting operational processes (Smart Connected Operations)
  • Connecting products (Smart Connected Products)
  • Connecting systems (Smart Connected Systems)

With 9altitudes we focus on a number of clear market sectors, including the (manufacturing) industry and the optimization of operational processes. So we mainly work with Smart Connected Operations. We ensure that factory managers, maintenance personnel, the quality department and machine operators work together more efficiently.

With IIOT to the ‘factory of the future’

We work together with our customers towards a factory of the future. But what makes a factory such a “factory of the future”?

A factory of the future has the following properties:

  1. Can handle new challenges in the market very flexibly
  2. Minimize (or avoid) downtime through intelligent data analysis
  3. Inform and proactively manage their employees
  4. Often test new business models and market their products more quickly
  5. Continuously looking for new efficiency gains

In order to possess these properties, a factory will have to focus on increased connectivity. Thanks to this connectivity, data can be collected and analyzed from any conceivable source. That data, together with the right processes, provide a completely new range of possibilities for attacking the market as an organization.

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