The next step after lean manufacturing

Do you think it’s logical to look at your product development from a ‘lean’ perspective? It’s often possible to optimize more than you might think. You can benefit in particular from following more formal development processes and centralizing all communication between your teams.
This can have various advantages:

  • shorter time-to-market
  • fewer manufacturing faults
  • faster production cycles
  • more commercially profitable product variants
  • easier re-use of existing information

Improve your processes

Product Lifecycle Management helps you achieve lean product development. Ad Ultima Group will work together with you on these types of projects to map out all your important product development processes: R&D, engineering, sales, quality assurance and after-sales.

Redefining these processes where necessary, and automating them, ensures that the transition from R&D to engineering, and then to production and sales, runs much faster and with fewer faults than before.

You will definitely benefit from a PLM project in the following situations:

  • you are developing complex products, often in one-off projects
  • you are working with globally distributed product development and production
  • you have an extensive catalogue with an exceptional number of product variants
  • you are experiencing a lack of collaboration between engineering, production and sales
  • you need to come up with innovations more quickly than your competitors

PTC Windchill optimises product development

You can for example optimise your product development with PTC Windchill software, which manages all product information and lifecycle processes. Windchill serves as a central source of all product information, from initial sketches to the definitive end-product.

The software manages all CAD data, calculations, illustrations and technical publications throughout the entire lifecycle of every product (PDM or product data management). Thanks to Windchill, there is just one set of information for your product. Furthermore, you can share, update and add to this information anywhere in the world.