Our many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, complex logistics and the construction sector have ensured that our employees have evolved into real experts in their field. Due to the numerous implementations, we first look at your business processes before we propose the most suitable solution. In addition, we also offer our own software.

Our accumulated industry expertise

As an experienced implementation partner, Ad Ultima Group can tackle your problems correctly. Thanks to our industry expertise, we first look at the processes of your company, we speak the language of our customer. This way of thinking partly results from the numerous implementations at our customers. A thorough analysis gives us more insight into your needs, allowing us to offer a solution adapted to your processes. The co-creation to find a solution is important. This increases efficiency and guarantees the most suitable optimisation for your company.

Own software on top of trusted technology

Furthermore, experience in the industry has had a major influence on the creation of our own IP (Intellectual Property). We offer a solution for the construction industry with UltiBuild, but also for the manufacturing industry with UltiProject. We use our Ex Arte Raptor and UltiPoint solutions to bundle data from different solutions and bring it to the right person at the right time. In addition, with our Ready 2 Benefit approach, we offer a shorter implementation period for solutions such as ERP and CRM. As a result, your company will lose less time on the implementation and you will be able to take matters into your own hands more quickly.

Satisfied customers

Our experience and knowledge of the various processes in the manufacturing industry, building and construction, complex logistics and own IP have ensured that we have satisfied customers. Read more about our customers.