Virtual event: Reach new heights with smart manufacturing

18 mei 2021

The industry is changing, new technologies rise to the surface and companies feel the need for good collaboration/communication and transparency. Upgrading your business to the next level has become a prerequisite to stay competitive in the industry. That’s where smart manufacturing comes into the picture.

This event will be addressing the smart manufacturing topic, with all its facets. Follow this inspiring and moreover practical event, with speakers like PTC, E4TC, e.GO, PWC, YAZZOOM and two user testimonials.

Agenda 9h-13h:

  • Welcome – Josef Szekeres, 9altitudes
  • A holistic vision on IT architecture – Prof Thomas Gartzen, E4TC
  • Digital Twin –  Ernest Debets, e.GO
  • Break
  • Technical track:
    • AI based monitoring of machines and production processes – Jan Verhasselt, YAZZOOM
    • AR for quality control: an e.GO case –  Lukas Schier PTC
    • Connected quality –  Dirk Luwaert, 9altitudes
  • Break
  • Discussion technical track
  • Change management shop floor – Jochen Vincke, PWC
  • Break
  • User testimonial 1 – Jean-Jacques Van Gils, Schréder
  • User testimonial 2 – Matthias Morath, Liebherr
  • Wrap up – Josef Szekeres, 9altitudes


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